As the excitement of EURO 2024 continues, we provide essential information for football fans who want to follow the matches unencrypted. Especially for those looking to watch the games on TRT 1, you can enjoy the games unencrypted with the correct frequency settings. Here are the details:

TRT 1 Frequency Settings on Türksat 4A

To watch TRT 1 unencrypted on Türksat 4A, you need to set your satellite receiver’s frequency settings according to the following information:

  • Satellite: Türksat 4A
  • Frequency: 11794 MHz
  • Polarization: V (Vertical)
  • Symbol Rate: 30000
  • FEC: ¾

By correctly adjusting these settings, you can watch EURO 2024 matches unencrypted.

How to Set Frequency Settings?

Setting the frequency on your satellite receiver is quite simple. Follow these steps to easily adjust the settings:

  1. Access the Menu: Press the Menu button on your satellite receiver’s remote control to enter the settings menu.
  2. Setup: Go to the setup or frequency settings section.
  3. Add New Frequency: Select the option to add a new frequency.
  4. Enter Frequency Information: Enter the frequency, polarization, symbol rate, and FEC values mentioned above.
  5. Search: Save the settings and start the channel search process.
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